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Our HistoryVision


An engineer by the name of Jerod Shelby, with a history and passion for cars and racing, founded a supercar company with one goal: design and manufacture an American supercar that would stand up against the European dominated industry of high performance production cars. The dream was clear, but the road to success was grueling. The complexity of designing a supercar is a process vastly underestimated by many people, requiring an unimaginable amount of time, labor, and money. Jerod and his team at Shelby SuperCars overcame these barriers and have since become the first great American supercar company.


After breaking into the world automotive spotlight, the company was renamed SSC North America to identify as a separate entity from Carroll Shelby International, an unrelated automotive firm, and to distinguish itself as a supercar company based in North America, a unique stature in the supercar industry.

The Ultimate Aero

From the beginning, Jerod Shelby and his team knew that breaking into the industry of high performance production cars would require a feat of engineering and automotive ingenuity. Slowly, under a blanket of silence, a small company in West Richland, WA formulated the plans for a supercar that they were confident would take the world by storm. Years of design and development led to what the world would soon know as the Ultimate Aero.

Prototype & Validation

The first prototypes of the Ultimate Aero are completed in West Richland, Washington at the company's headquarters. The vision had finally taken physical form and it was now time to prove the engineering and performance behind this one-of-a-kind American supercar. In 2006, the Ultimate Aero completes Road & Track magazine's testing on the slalom course, breaking the previous record held by Enzo Ferrari.


Drivers began taking ownership of their very own Ultimate Aeros, realizing that there was much more to the car than just its top speed. The design of the supercar made it a driver's car, with no driver aids such as ABS or traction control. Owners, industry experts, and enthusiasts alike were in awe of the elite handling, ride quality, and performance that the Ultimate Aero had to offer.

The XT

In preparation for the next generation of hypercars, SSC North America released plans for the limited special edition and final production run of the Ultimate Aero, called the XT, or Extreme Tuatara. With SSC turning its sights to the Ultimate Aero's successor, the Tuatara, the XT served as a platform for testing the subassemblies of the future project.

Dawn of the Hypercar

After the announcement of SSC North America's Tuatara hypercar, the company undertook the process of conducting market acceptance studies around the world. The United States, China, and United Arab Emirates market reaction prove the undeniable success of the Tuatara's concept and acquiescence of SSC's legacy hypercar project.

The World Record

On September 13, 2007, on a rural paved road in Eastern Washington State, the SSC Ultimate Aero became the fastest production car in the world, dethroning the Bugatti Veyron's 253.81 mph title. With Guinness World Records present to witness and validate the event, the Ultimate Aero conducted two opposite direction passes and achieved an average top speed of 256.14 mph.

The Vision & future

SSC North America is currently in the production phase of its latest hypercar, the Tuatara. The same vision and resolve that produced the record breaking Ultimate Aero continues with this exciting project. This meticulously engineered hypercar will reflect the passion and ingenuity that Jerod and his team have applied to the design and production process. Inspired by fighter jet aerodynamics found in American aerospace designs, the distinctive body of the Tuatara exhibits a striking appearance while providing an unmatched coefficient of drag. Years of testing and calibrating key components of the car have resulted in verified performance and aerodynamic specifications superior to any other hypercar on the market. Both innovative and timeless, the Tuatara will prove to be SSC's legacy hypercar. The vision of SSC North America is to continue and grow its leadership in the high performance automotive industry, both in the United States and internationally.

Jerod Shelby

A Washington native, Jerod Shelby was born and raised in the city of Richland, Washington. Throughout his childhood and young adult life, Jerod was heavily involved in automotive racing and mechanics. His passion for cars turned into a competitive sport as he traveled the country on the national go kart circuit. The adventure of racing helped form a bond with his family and taught him important lessons, particularly that the attention to small details are what help you succeed. He has since applied this concept of fine details in his venture in hypercars at SSC North America.

Before founding SSC, Jerod was the co-founder of a much different company. After he graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, he helped start Advanced Imaging Technologies, Inc., a medical device company based in Richland. Jerod was the lead Product Design Engineer, managing all aspects of the mechanical and ergonomics design, component fabrication and testing, as well as coordinating final assembly and regulatory compliance. Jerod introduced revolutionary new design concepts that necessitated the authoring of 7 U.S. patents and made the early Optical SonographyTM imaging systems a viable diagnostic tool for the early detection of breast cancer.

When Jerod entered the supercar market in the early 2000's, he endured years of demanding development on the Ultimate Aero. Overcoming the time, labor, and financial burdens associated with building high performance cars was no small feat. After SSC established itself as a prominent automotive maker in the world market, Jerod recognizes the years of hard work as a crucial and worthwhile part of his life. From testing the Ultimate Aero in NASA's Langley wind tunnel, to witnessing the world record breaking pass in Eastern Washington, to developing the next generation hypercar, Jerod has many fond memories of the last two decades of SSC North America and looks forward to the many more to come.

Our Featured Partners

SSC North America is proud to partner with world class automotive firms that stand behind the intuitive and detailed work that is required to produce a unique and superior hypercar. These collaborative efforts play an immensely important role in the projects at SSC and the help define the quality that our company offers.

Castriota Design

Jason Castriota has long been acclaimed for creating emotive designs full of character and tension, and his unique ability to create futuristic, function driven forms that are timelessly beautiful.  He is driven by a passion for aerodynamics and his relentless pursuit of design innovation, all of which are exemplified in the Tuatara, a future classic that has been widely recognized as one of the greatest works of his illustrious career.

Nelson Racing Engines

Based in Southern California, Nelson Racing Engines is known around the world for fabricating some of the most powerful twin turbo engines available on the market. Led by owner Tom Nelson, the team has an acute passion for high performance applications and quality assembly.

Automac Engineering

Automac Engineering, a Modena, Italy based firm, specializes in planning, construction, processing, and testing of hydraulic and mechanical equipment for the automotive industry worldwide. Their AMT system, used with the Tuatara gearbox system, provides unparalleled transmission control and data analysis.

Our Home

Tri-Cities, Washington, USA

Located in the city of Richland, Washington, our home is in the greater metropolitan area known as the Tri-Cities in Southeastern Washington State. Boasting over 300 days of sunshine per year, the Tri-Cities is the heart of Washington wine country, producing world renowned wines, as well as other agricultural produce such as wheat, potatoes, hops, and fruits. Based on the mighty Columbia River, our region has a rich history, dating back to the days of various Native American tribes and the journey of Lewis and Clark. The Hanford site near Tri-Cities was a key location in the Manhattan Project during World War II, the top secret operation that the United States conducted to produce the first atomic bomb. Today, the Tri-Cities is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States, is home to more scientists and engineers per capita than anywhere in the country, and is one of Washington State's top tourist destinations. SSC North America strives to be one of the many unique aspects of this thriving region, and is proud to call it our home.