Aug 2018
August 6, 2018
SSC North America
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Changes to SSC North America Logo

West Richland, Washington, USA
August 6, 2018

SSC North America launches a new corporate brand identity ahead of major announcements.

Six years after SSC North America's official name change from Shelby SuperCars in 2012, the company has made slight changes to its company logo and brand. This change comes ahead of exciting announcements that the company plans to reveal in 2018. The modifications to the logo and brand are a vital step in a continual process of modernizing the identity of the company.

Previous SSC North America logo
New SSC North America logo

The new logo resembles many of the same characteristics as the old logo, including the crest and general font style of "SSC". Key changes include the orientation of the components in the logo as well as softer colors.

The SSC crest is derived from the original crest of CEO Jerod Shelby's family that goes back generations. When adopted to the SSC brand, the colors of the crest were changed to red, white, and blue to reflect the colors of the United States. At the top of the crest is "In Veritate Victoria", which translated from Latin to English means "In Truth is Victory". SSC North America found it important to carry on the family crest of the Shelby family into this next generation of hypercar development.

SSC North America

Founded by Jerod Shelby in 1998 in Richland, Washington, USA, SSC North America is the American hypercar company that created the Ultimate Aero and Tuatara. The Ultimate Aero, previously held the “Fastest Production Car” record, from 2007-2010, after it clocked 256.14 mph. It still stands among the fastest, most versatile supercars on the planet, and has served as the foundation for what would become the Tuatara hypercar. In 2021, the Tuatara reclaimed the world record for SSC, with an average of 282.9 mph, followed by a second test nineteen months later that achieved a top speed of 295.0 mph. SSC North America is producing 100 road legal SSC Tuatara hypercars, with 25 additional non-road legal variants. High-speed, high-downforce, and track versions are available to customers. For more information visit www.sscnorthamerica.com 

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