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Tuatara ownership begins with a desire. A desire to experience what few performance luxury owners have encountered. A desire to be a part of something above the fray. A desire to be one of the select few to secure an exclusive piece of automotive performance and art. A desire to encounter the extraordinary.

This is where desire is reserved.

Your ownership begins with a few simple questions. No commitments, just the start of a journey to exploring the possibilities that only your Tuatara can impart. Which Tuatara variant are you interested in reserving? Explore what each has to offer by clicking on the box below the respective variants.

Production Notice

The SSC Tuatara and its variants are a Limited Production Vehicle with a finite number of available production slots. Completion of this Reservation Request does not secure a vehicle production slot until further reservation aggreements are finalized.

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Final vehicle specifications vary based on customer optioning
Evolved to Exceed Your Expectations

Tuatara is derived from the Māori language, meaning "peaks on the back". Paying homage to New Zealand reptile that the natives call Tuatara, the connotation of this exotic name bears the significance of the ancient lizards' ability to evolve its DNA; faster than any other creature in the animal kingdom.

The evolution of the Tuatara hypercar is constant through the unique opportunities afforded to its owners through the production process. No two Tuataras are alike, each bearing the striking presence and performance points set by its owner on the factory floor.

Optioning Introduction

Below are common options that owners have the ability to customize. A comprehensive Optioning Process will be introduced after this initial Reservation Request.

  • Exterior
  • Body Finish
  • Bumper Finish
  • End Cap Finish
  • Race Striping
  • Specialized Livery
  • + More
  • Aerodynamic Components
  • Splitter, Rocker, & Diffusor Finish
  • Rear Active Wing Finish
  • Vertical Fin Finish
  • Air Duct Accent Finish
  • Buttress Finish
  • + More
  • Interior
  • Harnesses & Seats
  • Stitching
  • Headliner & Banisters
  • Doors & Panels
  • Handles & Armrests
  • + More
  • Safety & Convenience
  • Blind Spot Warning
  • Front Curb Camera
  • Front & Rear Sensors
  • Mirrors
  • + More
  • Striker & Aggressor
  • "Track" Carbon Interior
  • Static Wing Finish
  • Aggressor
  • LMP Molded Seats
  • Window Material & Netting
  • Competition Tires
  • Integrated Air Jacks
  • + More
Ownership Portfolio

The most unique aspect of your Tuatara is you. Tell us about yourself so we can customize your reservation experience and secure an appropriate ownership position.

Do you have professional track experience or training?
Final Step

SSC North America is invested in the future of cryptocurrencies and the securities of blockchain integrations. We conveniently offer a Bitcoin based payment structure for cryptocurrency investors and holders. If you are aware of your currency preference for future transactions at this stage, our reservation specialists can format future ownership documentation based on your choice below. This is not a commitment for sale and currency preference can be modified.

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The beginning of an unprecedented experience has just been initiated. The molecular structure of performance vehicles is changing this very moment, accelerating in a new and exciting direction through your Reservation Request.

A Reservation Specialist will be contacting you soon with a customized Reservation Package, launching the next steps towards Tuatara ownership.

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