Based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, SSC North America is a hypercar manufacturer that specializes in limited production vehicles for elite clientele around the world. In 2007, the SSC Ultimate Aero, a high performance hypercar produced by SSC, legitimized the company's standing as a leading player in the worldwide hypercar market by officially becoming the "World's Fastest Production Car" as witnessed and recorded by Guinness World Records. The Ultimate Aero achieved an average two-way speed of 256.14 mph, making SSC one of only 26 manufacturers in automotive history to hold this prestigious title. Today, SSC North America is in the late development stages of the next world record breaking hypercar, the Tuatara. With the Ultimate Aero's record setting achievements and the world renowned performance brought by the next generation Tuatara, SSC North America stands firmly as a great American hypercar company, and will continue to lead innovation in the hypercar market.

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