Mar 2022
March 29, 2022
SSC North America
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SSC Tuatara Offers New Exhaust Option

Collaboration with Inventor of Zpipe System
Richland, Washington
March 29, 2022

SSC North America has announced a new collaboration with Los Angeles based performance innovator Zander Guerra, implementing novel Zpipe exhaust technology into the SSC Tuatara platform.

This non-stock option bolsters the customizable performance and exotic sound that owners can apply to their road-legal or track-only Tuatara hypercars off the production floor. The Zpipe exhaust replaces the standard exhaust system that is included in the standard production Tuatara, offering an elevated performance package. Within the complex design of the exhaust is purposefully crafted geometry that invokes a scavenging effect, allowing a full mixture of the entire engine's exhaust, both improving engine efficiency and performance.

The intricate architecture of the exhaust sits rearward of the drivetrain, taking advantage of the deliberated airflow through the vehicle’s stern and brandishing the unique design through the aggressive bumper. The final action of the system is presented audibly, as the harmonic notes of the SSC V8 are carried through the exhaust untarnished, imparting a cleaner and more balanced pitch than traditional exhaust technology can achieve.

“We are very excited to offer this new option to our Tuatara customers that adds an innovative and custom feature to their hypercar. It is one more aspect that adds to the identity of the Tuatara and brings a unique presence to the hypercar space,” explains SSC CEO Jerod Shelby. “It aligns with our tireless work to make the Tuatara and its variants functional art from top to bottom.”

In October 2021, SSC North America revealed the extended Tuatara line, with the Tuatara Striker and Tuatara Aggressor announced as optional variants of the high-speed model already in production. The new Zpipe exhaust option is available on all models alongside an extensive catalogue of options that customers can choose from.

SSC North America

Founded by Jerod Shelby in 1998 in Richland, Washington, USA, SSC North America is the American hypercar company that created the Ultimate Aero and Tuatara. The Ultimate Aero, previously held the “Fastest Production Car” record, from 2007-2010, after it clocked 256.14 mph. It still stands among the fastest, most versatile supercars on the planet, and has served as the foundation for what would become the Tuatara hypercar. In 2021, the Tuatara reclaimed the world record for SSC, with an average of 282.9 mph, followed by a second test nineteen months later that achieved a top speed of 295.0 mph. SSC North America is producing 100 road legal SSC Tuatara hypercars, with 25 additional non-road legal variants. High-speed, high-downforce, and track versions are available to customers. For more information visit www.sscnorthamerica.com 

Zander Guerra

Born In Brooklyn, New York, Zander Guerra has established himself as an internationally recognized innovator in performance vehicle fabrication. Zander is currently based in Los Angeles, California after traveling the globe modifying performance and luxury vehicles for exclusive clients. With an uncompromising attitude towards creating truly functional artwork, his designs stand unrivaled. Today his developed technology for exhausts, turbo systems, and mufflers is sought after in industry-leading production and aftermarket vehicle platforms. For more information visit www.instagram.com/zanderguerra.

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